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||~ [[@cooltoolsforschools:Home|Cool Tools For School]] ||~   ||~   ||~   ||~   ||
||~   ||~   ||~ <span >For Students </span> ||~   ||~   ||
||= **The Closet: Where**
**We Put it All** ||= **The Basics: Pants,**
**Blouse, Dress, Skirt & Jacket** ||= **Frilly Accessories:**
**Jewelry, Shoes, Hats, & Purses** ||= **The Formal: Rarely**
**Worn, But Stunning** ||= **The Mirror:**
**Reflecting on the Outfit** ||
||= //Think about Storage// ||= //Think about Basic//
//must-have items// ||= //Think about attention-//
//getting items// ||= //Think about that once//
//a year item// ||= //Think about how to//
//look at what you've done// ||
||= **Build a Website:**
[[@ht|Weebly]], [[@|Yola]]
[[@|Wix]] [[@|Hipero]]
[[www:home|Wikispaces]], [[@|PBWorks]], [[@|Wetpaint]], [[@|Class Jump]] ||= **Image Manipulators:**
[[@|LoonaPix]], [[@|MagMyPic]]
[[@|MushyGushy]], [[@|My Movie Moment]]
[[@|PhotoFunia]], [[@|PicArtia]]
[[@|Pimp the Face]], [[@|Space Your Face]],
Splashup, [[@|Gizmoz]], [[@|Photopeach ]], ||= **Polls and Surveys**:
[[@|Survey Monkey]],
[[@|PollDaddy]] [[@|Survey Gizmo]]
[[@|Survs]], [[@|iVoted]], [[@|Zoomerang]]
**Group Chat/Group Think**:
[[@|Yack Pack]], [[@|Mindmeister]]
[[|Webspiration]] [[@|]]
[[@|Wallwisher]] [[@|Dabbleboard]]
[[@|EtherPad]], [[@|]]; [[@|TitanPad]]
[[@|Pirate Pad]], [[@|Creaza]]
[[@|Exploratree]], [[@|Popplet]],
[[@|Notepub]], [[@|Grapevine ]], ||= **Create Something Big**:
[[@|Glogster]], [[@|Mixbook]],
[[@|Shutterfly]], [[@|Flip Album]] (offline)
[[@|zFlip]], [[@|Scrapblog]]
[[@|Intel's Visual Ranking Tool]]
[[@|Intel's Showing Evidence]]
[[@|Intel's Seeing Reason Tool]] ||= **Reflections**:
[[@|VoiceThread]], [[@|Vocaroo]],
[[@|Fotobabble]], [[@|Audioboo]],
[[@|Wallwisher]], [[@|Lino]] (stickies)
[[@|EtherPad]], [[@|]]; TitanPad
[[@|Pirate Pad]]
[[@|Popplet]] ||
||= **Blogs**:
[[@|Edublogs]], [[@|Blogger]]
[[@|Kidblog]] [[@|]]
**Management Systems:**
[[@|Edmodo]], [[@|Moodle]]
**Online Storage:**
[[@|Dropbox]] ||= **Creating More with Pictures:**
<span >[[@|Animoto]] [[@|Aviary]], [[@|Picnik]]</span>
<span >[[@|Pixlr]] [[@|Smile Box]]</span>
<span >[[@|BeFunky]]</span> ||= **Add Your Voice**:
[[@|Blabberize]], [[@|Voki]],
[[@|Audacity]], [[@|gCast]]
[[@|Brainshark]], [[@|Gabcast]]
**Add Animation:**
[[@|Fluxtime]], [[@|Voki]], [[@|WeeMe]],
[[@|Go Animate]],[[@|Toonlet]], [[@|Digimi]],
[[@|Flixtime]], [[@|Animation-ish]],
[[@|Clay Animator ]], [[@|Claymation]]
[[@|Doink]] [[@|Animata]], [[@|Animasher]]
[[@|MeMoov]] , [[@|ScetchCast]] ||= **Write a Great Story**:
[[@|Our Story]]
[[@|Tikatok]], [[@jenniferbarnett:My Web Wardrobe#mce_temp_url#|Time Toast]]
[[@|Storybird]] [[@|Stage'D,]] [[@|Myths & Legends]]
[[@|Landing Page]],[[@|Kerpoof]] [[@|ZooBurst]],
[[@|DomoAnimate,]] [[@|PicLits]]
[[@|ReadWriteThink Printing Press]], [[@|BookRix]], [[@|StoryJumper]] ||= **Webcasting**:
[[@|UStream]], [[|LiveStream]]
[[@|Pencasts with Livescribe's ]]
[[@|Echo Pen ]] ||
||= **Social Bookmarking:**
[[@|Delicious]], [[|Diigo]]
[[@|Wozaik]] ||= **Finding/Hosting Pictures:**
<span ><span >[[@|Picasa]]</span>, <span >[[@|Flickr]]</span>,<span >[[@|Google]]</span>, ,</span>
<span ><span >[[@|BigHugeLabs]]</span>, <span >[[copyrightfriendly:home|Copyright Free Everything]]</span></span>
<span >[[@|Morgue File Photos]]</span> ||= **Add some Humor**:
[[@|Bitstrips]], [[|Toon Doo]]
[[@|Pixton]] [[@|Befunky]] [[@|Bombay TV]]
[[@|Go Animate]] ||= **Create a Screencast**:
[[@|Cam Studio]] [[@|Jing]]
[[@|Screenr]], [[@|Screentoaster]],
[[@|Screencastle]] ||= **Talk to others/ See others**:
[[@|Skype]], [[@|Elluminate]]
[[@|DimDim]] ||
||= **Social Networking:**
**Professional Networking:**
[[|LinkedIn]], [[|Ning]] [[|Twitter]]
[[@|Amplify]] ||= **Finding/Hosting Videos**:
[[@|TeacherTube]], [[|SchoolTube]],
[[|YouTube]], [[@|Edutopia]], [[@|TED]]
[[|Open Culture]], [[@|Vimeo]]
[[@|MonkeySee]], [[@|Pupil Tube]],
[[@|Kids Tube]], [[@|Snag Films]]
[[@|APTVplus Learn360]]
[[@|Wetoku]] ||= **Add some Words**:
[[@|Wordle]], [[@|Cool Text]]
[[@|Tagxedo]] [[@|Tagul]] [[@|Add Letters]],
[[@|Tag Galaxy]] (pictures)
[[@|Word it Out]], [[@|Word Sift]],
[[@|Word Mosaic]] ||= **Make Movies**:
[[|Movie Maker]], [[|iMovie]], [[@|Jaycut]],
[[@|Zimmer Twins]], [[@|OneTrueMedia]],
[[@|Xtranormal]], <span >[[@|Go Animate]]</span>
[[@|Classik TV]] [[@|Photo Peach]]
[[@|Bombay TV]], [[@|MeMoov]] ||= **Practice What You Preach**:
[[@|Quizlet]], [[@|Brain Flips]]
[[@|Ediscio]] [[@|Braineos]] ||
||= **RSS Pages**:
[[@|iGoogle]], [[@|Pageflakes]], [[@|Feedburner]]
[[|Netvibes]] ||= **Do it All Processing**:
[[@|]], [[@|EtherPad]]
[[|Google Docs]], [[|Zoho]]
[[|Open Office]]
[[@|Basecamp]] [[@|DropBox]] ||= **Old tools new** **ways &**
**new** **tools** **old ways**:
Digital Cameras, [[@|Flip VideoCameras]],[[@|Dabbleboard]] ||= **Make Videos using Photos:**
[[|Photo Story 3, ]][[@|ProShowWeb]]
[[@|Stupeflix]], [[@|Shwup]] ||= **Visitor Tracking**
[[@|Clustrmaps]] ||
||= **E-mail**:
[[|Gmail]], [[@|Gaggle]],
[[|Yahoo]] ||= **Music**
<span ><span >[[|MixPod]]</span> (Playlists),</span><span >[[|Soundzabound]] (royalty free)</span>**Hosting a Power Point**:
<span ><span >[[|Author Stream]]</span>, <span >[[|SlideShare]][[@|Brainshark]]</span></span>
<span >[[@|SlideBoom]]</span> ||= **Timelines**:
[[@|Timerime]], [[@|Timeglider]],
[[@|TimeToast]], [[@|XTimeline]],
[[@|Dipity]], [[@|The People History]]
[[@|Creaza]], [[@|Interactive Storyboards]]
**Create Diagrams and More:**
[[@|Gliffy]], [[@|Creately]],
[[@|Simple Diagrams]], [[@|Cacoo]]
[[@|Exploratree]] ||= **Create a Presentation:**
[[@|Prezi]] [[@|Dabbleboard]]
[[@|Prezent It]] [[@|Letter Pop]]
[[@|Virtual Museum Templates]],
[[@|SlideSix]], [[@|Ahead]],
[[@|Popplet]] ||= **Create a Test/Quiz:**
[[@|Classmarker]], [[@|That Quiz]], [[@|Kubbu]],
[[@|Yacapaca]] ||
||~   ||~   ||~ <span >**For Teachers** </span> ||~   ||~   ||
|| <span >**The Closet: Where****We Put it All**</span> || <span >**The Basics: Pants,**</span>
<span >**Blouse, Dress, Skirt & Jacket**</span> || <span >**Frilly Accessories:**</span>
<span >**Jewelry, Shoes, Hats, & Purses**</span> || <span >**The Formal: Rarely**</span>
<span >**Worn, But Stunning**</span> || **The Mirror:**
**Improve your website** ||
||   || <span >[[@|Schedule an Event]][[@|ProProfs]]</span> || <span >[[@|Present yourself]],[[@|Flashcards ]]for studying,[[@|Flashcards ]]online</span> || <span >[[@|Embed videos]][[@|Classportal]]</span> || [[@|Button Generator]]
[[@|Scrolling text Generator]]
[[@|Simple Scrolling Text]] ||
<span >More Exciting Web 2.0 Resources</span>
<span >Digital Story Telling</span>
|| <span >[[|BBC Digital Stories]]</span> || <span >BBC Guide to digital stories</span> ||
|| <span > [[|E-Mints Digital Stories]]</span> || <span >Many digital story examples</span> ||
|| <span > [[| Digitales]]</span> || <span >Tips and tricks for creating a digital story</span> ||
|| <span > [[| Digital Films]]</span> || <span >Create a movie (need to register)</span> ||
|| <span > [[| Digital Storytelling in the Classroom]]</span> || <span >Learn about digital storytelling and download an e-book</span> ||
|| <span > [[| Digital Storytelling Resources]]</span> || <span >Collection of resources by Meg Ormiston to help educators create powerful digital stories; Curriculum integration</span> ||
|| <span > [[| Digital Storytelling Storyboard]]</span> || <span >PDF Storyboard</span> ||
|| <span > [[| Drawing Together]]</span> || <span >Make a storyboard and animate your drawing</span> ||
|| <span > [[| Educational Uses of Digital Storytelling]]</span> || <span >Instructions, suggestions, resources, ideas</span> ||
|| <span > [[| Evolver]]</span> || <span >Create an online animation</span> ||
|| <span > [[| Junior Net]]</span> || <span >Make a movie</span> ||
|| <span >[[| Kitzu]]</span> || <span >Digital story kits for the classroom</span> ||
|| <span >[[| Kerpoof]]</span> || <span >Creative tools for animation, drawing, and movie creation</span> ||
|| <span > [[| Making Movie Storyboards]]</span> || <span >Procedure for making a movie storyboard</span> ||
|| <span > [[| Myths and Legends ]]</span> || <span >Create animations of myths and legends</span> ||
|| <span > [[| Read, Write Think Student Tools]]</span> || <span >Many interactive tools which may be used with storyboarding</span> ||
|| <span > [[| School History]]</span> || <span >Create, print off and play historical storyboard</span> ||
|| <span > [[|Story Jumper]]</span> || <span >Create and discover online stories</span> ||
|| <span > __[[| Storyboard]]__</span> || <span >Blank storyboard in PDF format; Adobe Acrobat Reader is needed to view the file</span> ||
|| <span >[[| Zimmer Twins]]</span> || <span >Register and make a movie</span> ||